Bride Funnel Marketing 101 Launch Plan

How do you know where to start for quick sales & leads?  Follow the yellow brick road…

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Quickest Way to a Bride Funnel Sale/Lead?

Step One: Understand your marketing… the good, bad and ugly.

Bride Funnel Lab Is The Fast, Fun, & Friendly Way To Learn How To Effectively Grow Your Wedding Business Online… You’ll Learn to:

  • Identify the right and the wrong way to market to today’s brides
  • Learn what works best and stay away from the rest
  • Step-by-step execution plans to walk you right through the steps

Welcome to Bride Funnel your step-by-step digital bridal marketing plan!

Step One: Understand your marketing… the good, bad and ugly.

Before you start digging into our library of execution plans begin by identifying the holes in your marketing plan and looking for easy opportunities for quick wins.  In the next section, we have two wedding marketing flow charts.

The first chart shows the usual “Hope and Pray” marketing that we all generally begin with.  We put so much effort into getting in front of a couple only to let them forget us ten minutes later.  Use this chart to take a solid look at your marketing and see where you are missing out on some quick sales and leads.

The second chart shows the Bride Funnel blueprint on how to do it the right way…   If you are ready to transform your business then you need to begin to put the various marketing pieces in place to build yourself an automatic marketing system.

Quick Tip:  Access your free marketing plan review here:

Your consultation will help you indentify a few areas to focus on to quickly get your calender booked solid!

Step Two: Get some quick leads & sales to build momentum

The truth about marketing to brides online today is that there are more choices than ever… which unfortunately seems to a make it a lot harder to know where to start.

At Bride Funnel we help you quickly identify where to start and then walk you through the steps of making your marketing machine better.  Let’s crawl first before trying to run!

We know that the minute you start to get those leads and bring in an extra sale your enthusiasm will go through the room.  Begin with an easy win to build momentum.



Step Three: Dig deep and build your Bride Funnel marketing machine

Brides are increasingly moving their entire buying process online.  We see it with Amazon and all around us so we need to evolve our marketing or go out of business like the big box stores.

New reality: Brides will likely research you before they ever talk with you.

By the time they talk with you, all you have to do is close them with your great services and examples.  They’ve likely already made 90% of the decision… you just need to not mess it up.

So why if you are good at what you do… why don’t you have your calendar booked solid?

No worries we are about to show you why 90% of vendors are stressed out and not making the sales they want in the next section.

Before we move on let me ask you a few questions to get you thinking:

  • If brides are researching your services before they even call you do you have all the examples and information they need online?
    • Is it more than in one place… like your website?
  • Would you hire yourself then your competitors have a lot more online presence?
  • Once a bride finds you how are you following up with them?
  • Are you throwing a lot of money (or maybe none) only to not make the sale?
  • If they find you a long time before they are ready to buy don’t you think that getting back in front of them when they are ready is the next logical step?

Take a good look at the next section and really think about where you have leaking holes in your funnel.

How to fix your marketing funnel and book more brides!

The usual way wedding vendors market thier business by default [Flow Chart]

Got it?  Good read on below.   Still scratching your head?  Get it explained to you here:

The correct way to market to brides online [Flow Chart]

Got it?  Good read on below.   Still scratching your head?  Get it explained to you here:

Your business transformation happens when you move more towards a plan that works.

“There are many ways to market but this one is mine”

Some people are great at the hustle but the moment you stop so does your income.  We are all about the hustle but at the end of the day, you need a reliable system of marketing to brides that won’t stop the moment you do.  Together we are going to build you a digital marketing machine that will help you leverage your time to drive more leads and hopefully get you that long-awaited family vacation.

If you are looking for a new way of marketing that works for you while you are sleeping then you’ve found it here.  After you have figured out where you need to improve the rest of the courses will help you plug in powerful online tools, systems and tricks to take your business to the next level.

How will you learn from us? (Basically, why we are the best at helping you take action!)

Step-by-step mini lessons

Each execution plan in our lab is designed with step-by-step directions to help you with one piece of the B Bride Funnel plan or to give you a new skill that will make the difference when brides find you online.

Each plan can easily be put into place by you or by one of your assistants. If you don’t have help and need to know where to look contact us or look at our member resources page for our favorites.

Our labs are like Nextflix for wedding pros.  Pick one and enjoy!

How does this fit into my Bride Funnel plan?

Each lab we reference back to your new bride funnel plan so you know where the skill fits into the overall picture.

Just focus on the current skill and don’t worry about the rest we’ve got you covered.

How to get the most from each lesson

Simply read it through once to get the whole picture then go back through again and take it step-by-step.

Each section has a progress bar that keeps track of your place as you check off each box.


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How to Qualify…

Now wait a minute, before you go any further, you need to know that I can’t help everybody.

I can only be of benefit to people whose wedding businesses are starting to take off or are a full-time business, have the time and energy to take the business to the next level, have at least a basic email list and have the basic marketing pieces in place (website, Facebook page, etc).

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