Bridal Digital Marketing Experts Nick & Kate Storey Reveal:

How to Automatically Follow-Up With Brides to Book More Weddings!

Would You Like Me to Design a Custom Bridal Sales Funnel For You, For Free?



From Nick & Kate Storey

A.K.A. “The Bridal Marketing Funnel Makers”

Dear Friend,

I’ve set aside some time for my team and I to design a custom Bride Sales Funnel for you, personally.  With an automatic follow-up sales funnel in place you will book more brides!

Fortune is in the follow up... but no one follows up enough.  What if you had a system that helps you automatically stay in front of those brides?  It's already there you just need to turn it on.

You and I will meet up using Zoom and literally design a customized Bride Sales Funnel specifically for your wedding vendor business or spy on your competitors to see how they are winning.

Once the funnel is designed, we’ll then build you a blueprint so you’ll be able to deploy it at will.


We begin working before we ever meet.

We analyze your application, figure out what’s missing from your current Digital Marketing and design a Sales Funnel to fit your wedding business.

Then We Meet Up, One-On-One.

We'll do it using Zoom so we can share the screen with you as we design your campaign...

(and build your Bride Funnel Blueprint for you)

All done for you.

Everything is done custom and is built specifically for your wedding business after we've had a chance to ask you about your current bridal lead generation methods, your sales goals, and your local branding strategy.

What's The Catch?

There Is No Catch.

...Which of course leads you to wonder, "Why would you do all of this work for free?"

Well, to be completely honest, this is how I get clients.

A good percentage of the people we do this for end up asking us to simply just help them build the Wedding Sales Funnel with them.

When that happens, my marketing team and I walk our clients step-by-step through the Bride Funnel plan to identify the quickest ways to increase sales, develop a solid email program to keep you connected with more of the brides you want to work with, and help you find ways to just get it done quickly/ implement everything for the client.

So that's my "hidden motivation" for doing this.


This Is Not A "Sales Call In Disguise".


Far from it.

You'll get no pressure to become a client because we let the value of the free Bridal Sales Funnel outline speak for itself.

The Sales Funnel we design for you, for free, will be absolutely groundbreaking for your business.

I guarantee it.

But anyone could say that, couldn't they?

Which is why I'm willing to make you this promise:

I'll Give You $100.00 If You Don't

Get Any Value From Our Consultation.

If you tell me that we've wasted your time during our conversation, not getting any value...

I'll give you $100.00 to compensate you for the 30 minutes we spend together.

There's no "fine details" here. No "hidden catch".

The bottom line is that we will work with you to design an amazing sales funnel for free and we'll even give you a blueprint of it so you can deploy it.

After that, you might want to become a client.

Or not.

I won't pressure you either way.

And if you think I wasted your time by not getting any value. I'll give you $100.00 for your time.

How to Qualify...

Now wait a minute, before you go any further, you need to know that I can’t help everybody.

I can only be of benefit to people whose wedding businesses are starting to take off or are a full time business, have the time and energy to take the business to the next level, have at least a basic email list and have the basic marketing pieces in place (website, Facebook page, etc).

Here’s what you do next. If you want to schedule a planning session with me, simply submit the form below. When you submit, you’ll see a form with a few questions about your wedding business and what you’re looking to accomplish.

Once I have that information, I’ll do some market research for you and we’ll set up the time to go over it together.

If you 'd like a free customized Bridal Sales Funnel Consultation, enter your name and email address below and let's get started.

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