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By Precious Eia Arsenie

There are those who may consider blogging to only be for those who have nothing better to do with their time! But since their creation, blogs have become important tools for business owners with websites and as such need to be considered as part of wider wedding marketing strategy.

Blogging is so much more than a collection of random thoughts and rantings though. A good blog needs to be engaging, informative and useful to the reader. Get those elements right and your blog will see traffic to your website increase on a regular basis. When it comes to wedding marketing having a blog can help you to promote products or services, engage readers in special offers, run competitions and provide a valuable insight into your business and customers. People love to check back on good blogs on a regular basis and if you add an RSS feed they will be informed every time you post something new.

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Trouble is many people just do not know how to go about making their blog great and consequently a great number are very poor indeed. A good blog post should be relevant to your business; it should be relevant to your customers and if possible contain points which will lead readers into taking some kind of action which will generate business for you. This could be something as simple as leaving a good comment, linking to your site from their own or contacting you for more information.

If your blog is good then it will help to improve your search engine rankings which should be part of your wider wedding marketing strategy. You also need to make sure that you integrate your blog with your website so that readers can click through to other pages such as online shopping or contact forms.

The golden rule with blogs is that all content needs to be unique and relevant. Search engines will be quick to penalize you for plagiarizing someone else’s work and your rankings will take a knock if the search engine does not think your content is relevant to your wider website.

A good blog needs the following to ensure its success and yours:

* Post regularly. It does not need to be everyday, but try to put at least three posts a week on it, staggered throughout the week. This will tell the search engines that the site is active.

* Sign up to Google Analytic to monitor visitors to your site and to see what they were reading and how long they stayed for. This tool is free and will tell you a great deal of information about the who, what, why and where of your site.

* Adopt a keyword marketing strategy to target visitors who are looking for specific things, and use your keywords as your tags.

* Clever titles are not so easy to come up with but try to make them interesting so that visitors are more compelled to stop and read on further. Again use keywords in your titles to help boost your search engine presence.

* Avoid cluttering up pages with lots of ads from other sites. Ninety percent of the time these will not generate any extra revenue for you and apart from being annoying to readers, they also slow up the loading speed of your pages.

* Choose a good design for your blog. There are many free templates available or employ the services of a website design company to do it for you.

* Include photographs. When it comes to wedding marketing pictures are essential. Make sure they are good quality, not too large (it slows up the page loading speed), relevant and titled with a keyword tag.


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Precious Eia Arsenie is a freelance writer from the United States of America. She is a trusted and expert writer of wedding marketing and other wedding related topics. She is currently focusing on wedding marketing strategies like helping people improve their creativity regarding weddings.

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