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By Debby Dowling

Wondering when is the best day or time for sending out your bulk wedding marketing emails or newsletters to your brides? Because every list is different, it can take some trial and effort to get it right. But there are some basic guidelines to follow to help you find the magic formula for spreading the word about your wedding business.

Call brideFirst, you have to think about it from your bride’s perspective. This isn’t about when it’s convenient for you to send something out. It’s about being convenient AND top of mind for her. As a general rule, most people tend to open their personal emails when they have time. It’s either in the early evening or early morning, depending on children, job, lifestyle. While there is a lot of ambiguity on personal habits, you still want to try to aim for the hours between 6 and 8 am or from 7 to 9 pm, where brides are most likely to see your email. Because this is considered peak time, adding “forward to a friend” greatly increases your chance to have your message shared across all social media channels.

The day of the week that you send matters just as much as the time of day. If you need to send during the week, consider Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Monday is the worst day, because everyone is just getting back up to speed on the work week. Fridays can also be a bit tough as people are starting to gear up for the weekend, although Friday nights can sometimes be effective. The best days for most brides will fall over the weekends, when they have a little more downtime, with Saturdays being the best.

Now, if you’re sending bulk emails on a regular basis to your prospective brides, one of the best things that you can do is to tie them to when they are getting paid. Humans can be complicated, but one thing ALWAYS holds true. If people know that they have cash coming in, they are most likely to consider buying. So tying your emails to a payroll schedule can be quite effective, especially if you do a lot of “offers”.

While you can’t know everyone’s payroll, the majority of companies do payroll on either the 1st and the 15th of the month or every two weeks.

Because every two weeks can translate into someone getting paid every week from your perspective, the best one to use by default is the 1st and the 15th in order to have the highest probability of selling your services to prospective brides.

At the end of the day, every list is different and the best way to figure out when to send your wedding newsletter or email to your brides is through trial and error. So check your reports on your email distribution service and see when you have the highest rate of opens and click-throughs. But most importantly, remember to send communications out on a regular basis. Consistency is ALWAYS the best way to ensure that your emails get opened.


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